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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stimulating Discussion Continues

In case you have not been to the 'About This Book' page recently, there are interesting posts there about  the birthplace of Michael Servetus. On January 2, 2012 'Boston Clifford Center' posted about the research of Gonzalez Echiverriria and his book E Amor a la Verdad (For Love of Truth). On the same day 'Unitarian Dome' wrote another comment about the same thing. Since I had not heard of any of this research in my graduate school research, I was intrigued. I always welcome new academic research on the life of this great man. I immediately set about to search for a way to buy this book that Boston Clifford said "is becoming very important in the USA". I couldn't find a place to buy this book online and I still have not. I have since been assured it is available in the Spanish edition. I wondered, "How can a book be important in the USA and not be available"? 

I decided to find out who Boston Clifford Center and Unitarian Dome are. By clicking to their Blogger profiles, I thought I would be able to contact them for more information on the book. Neither profile had information about who they were, nor did they have any blog writings on Blogger. Hmmm, I got curious then. I posted replies to each on February 19, 2012 trying to open the door to a response with some questions and inquiring about the book. So far there has been no reply to either of my replies from either poster.

On August 14, 2012, Jaume de Marcos Andreu responded to the assertions by Boston Clifford and Unitarian Dome. Since then Unitarian Dome and Mr. Marcos have been explaining their positions in a stimulating discourse. I encourage you to click over to the page and read some of it. By the way, Unitarian Dome has given me his name privately, but wishes to remain anonymous publicly.

You can also read a broader discussion of the issue of Michael's birthplace and the reasearch of Mr. Echiverria by going to the Wikipedia article on Michael Servetus and clicking on the 'Talk' button at the top (beside the 'Article' button). Down a bit and to the right is an icon for Archives, under it click on 'March 2005-August 2012'. You will be transported to a discussion of this issue that has been going on for years. Actually, the disagreement over whether Michael was born in Sijena de Villaneuva or Tudela, Spain has been going on for centuries.

The Servetus Project has as it's mission the production of a dramatic feature film about the remarkable life of Michael Servetus. I depend on research from scholars over the centuries to learn about Michael and the context of his times in order to make the best film script possible. New research is always welcome. One of the greatest benefits of a big hit movie about Michael is that it will spur research of all kinds. I use the example of the movie Titanic as an example. The movie production itself did a huge amount of research. The revived interest in society caused research by historians, resulting in documentaries and written history. In addition to historical research, it will be more likely that Michael's religious ideas will get long deserved discourse from theological scholars. 

That said, all new research should expect to be subjected to rigorous academic review. Supporters of new research and new theories about Michael's life should expect to be patient while this review goes forth. Defenders of traditional ideas should expect to have some new information survive the review and some to fail on further examination. It is my hope that we can all remain focused on the life and legacy of this great man and the promotion of his contribution to our freedom of conscience, which makes academic discourse possible.

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