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Monday, February 11, 2013

Son of Gonzalez Echeverria Visits The Servetus Project

The son of Servetus researcher Gonzales Echeverria has commented to a post about my book, Rebel With A Cause. Although his purpose seems to be to contradict the prior comment of Jaume de Marcos, The Servetus Project welcomes the first Echeverria supporter to this website who almost identifies himself. So, welcome, Son of Gonzales, AKA "Michael Servetus Res". "Boston Clifford Center" and "Unitarian Dome", my readers still wonder who you are.

I would encourage everyone who wishes to comment here to identify yourself in your Google profile if you are using an assumed name. This simple act, as obvious as it may seem, gives some immediate credibility to your statements. I would also encourage future posters to comment on my book or my screenplay, the purpose of this blog. If you want to debate historical evidence for various theories about Michael's life, there must be more suitable places for that. If there are not suitable places, it is easy to start one.


  1. As I said I am Miguel González Ancín. The reason for contacting you? a suggestion by a common friend on facebook. I sent you several messages specially cause your blog is full with references to my father. As a result of getting no answers, and after telling you I would comment on this blog, for apparently I was getting no answer form you, I went to the blog, and commented on some words I did not consider proper, about my father, which was what I was concerned about. I agree with all you said, and I think all comments should be removed, if they do not have to do with your, those I do not accept referring my father , as well. And mine ones too. On opening a site for discussing theories about Servetus, I will not participate. Those who do not want to know more cause they think they know all, or cause they are told so by others, are not interested, and those who wish to know more have the way to know more with our multiple online resources, if they want to. Best regards Miguel González Ancín

  2. I ment "if they do not have to with your book".

  3. All comments will remain as testament to the wisdom or not of the writers. I do not like censorship. The only references I have made to your father are referring to comments by his supporters or to the discussions between those supporters and Mr. de Marcos. While I prefer discussions about my book or script, I will accept comments about Michael, his life, and his times. If interested parties disagree, I only ask that they be civil and respectful. If they don't then others will see their comments. I realize that I am partly to blame for recent discussions because I have not stimulated discussions I prefer with my own posts. My intention is to correct that deficiency. Thank you, Miguel for helping me see this.

  4. no worries, I simply saw comments on my father and pointed out a few things, I know it was not you who made em. Good luck with your book.

  5. If I may be so bold, I would remind all of us who would comment here of Servetus's strong beliefs in freedom of thought and conscience, and tolerance and compassion, in hopes that we would employ those ideals when discussing Servetus. Surely we can interact with respect.

    1. By all means. Michael defended the right of everyone to think by themselves, but itis great u mentioned compassion. The new works and studies show he was even more kind, more generous, more selfless and how he nurtured and protected those he loved, even if it would have to cost him his own life. So yes, I agree with you one that Helen. :) And it is good to remind that aspect of Michael, which is for us his best and most enriching teaching.